Friday, 26 August 2011

196 items has become 101 items......but not here!


I have decided to close this blog.

Unfortunately item #107 on my to do list 'Lose Weight' has meant I am spending more time on my other blog and even less time on here. Despite that, I am still working my way through my to do list. I just don't have the time to write two blogs.

Don't worry though, seriously, stop with those tears, you can still find my *new* and *improved* To Do List here on my Fat Boy Thin blog

Feel free to follow that blog if you wish to continue to support me.

A week today I will permanently delete this blog.

For those that don't wish to follow my other blog, thank you so much for your support and I wish you all the best in the future. For those who do want to follow my new blog, please post a comment and say hello.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

An Update....

Don't panic, don't panic. I haven't forgotten about this blog. In fact, it's very hard to forget my list when I am progressing well in a number of different tasks at the same time. Up until now, I haven't completed anything off my list for a few months but I have a couple to tick off now and I'll give you the low down on what else I have been up to.. 

#48. Buy a new mobile phone = Completed

After 3 wonderful years with my Sony Ericsson W880i and many great years with the O2 network, I decided to change my mobile provider and phone without actually spending any money. I had a great deal with O2. I had 400 minutes, 1000 texts and unlimited data usage all for £20 a month but the phone was getting old and started to lose it's marbles a bit so I decided it was time for a change. I switched to the 3 network and decided to get the HTC Wildfire. For £20 a month I am getting 500 minutes, 5000 texts and 1GB Internet a month and a free smartphone.

Goodbye tiny W880i


 Hello HTC Wildfire

#49. Use Quidco more = Completed

For those who aren't sure what Quidco is, it's a website which allows you to gain cashback for purchases you've made online. For example, let's say you wanted to buy a DVD from Amazon. You sign into Quidco, click on their Amazon link and then you purchase your DVD. Quidco will then give you back a percentage of your purchase as cashback.

I buy most of my things online because it's a lot cheaper than in the high street shops but I always remembered Quidco after I purchased an item. Thankfully now I have Quidco saved in my favourites and I get a weekly email sent to myself which also reminds me about it.

Since using Quidco more regularly, I have received over £110 in cashback. £65 of that came when I ordered my new phone through Quidco. They gave me £65 just for clicking on the 3 Network link through their website. By clicking their link to buy my phone, I have basically paid for 3 months of my mobile contract. Woo Hoo!!

Unfortunately Quidco is for people living in the UK, but I am sure there are plenty of other cashback websites out there. Go check it out:

Other News

#5. Back up my hard drive - I bought a USB memory stick big enough to store all my important documents, pictures and music. I am just waiting for it to arrive in the post (bought via quidco!).

#6. Read 20 books - I'm still doing this. Currently reading a book by author Tony Hawks called 'Round Ireland with a Fridge' which is about a guy who hitchhiked around Ireland with a .... err.... fridge. Very funny read so far!

#75. Go to an Olympic event - Tickets for the London 2012 Olympic games are currently on sale now so I will be applying for them this week. At the moment I am unsure what events to watch.

77. Eat something I've grown  - I tried to grow some Rhubarb but it didn't appear so I am back to square one! Now that summer is approaching, hopefully it'll be a lot easier!!

107. Lose weight - On my other blog 'Fat.Boy.Thin' I have regularly posted and recently broke the news that I have lost 30 lbs which is just over 2 stone. Long way to go until I hit my target but feel free to follow my other blog at

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Lots of things completed!

#26 - Put all important dates, appointments etc in an organiser or calender

Obviously I put my birthday in first despite not needing to remember when it is but it something we all do right? It means it's officially ours. 

#2 - Recycle old magazines

After getting a magazine subscription for last Christmas and the usual crap magazines I buy when I am on the train, I had a lot of magazines to get rid of. At first I was going to donate them to troops abroad but after finding out the huge procedure I'd have to go through to get them out to them, I decided to donate some money to them instead and just throw these in the recycling bin. 


#7 - De-clutter

I should have took a before and after picture but I totally forgot at the time that this was on my list. I basically threw out loads of old crap, recycled lots of old books, magazines (as shown above), sent a lot of clothes I no longer wear to charity shops and basically ended up with lots more room for new stuff I can buy! :)

#41 - Attend a panto at Christmas


I can't remember when I last went to see a pantomime at Christmas, thinking about it maybe I was a small child, but I snapped up the opportunity to go this year to see Aladdin because Paul O'Grady was playing Ms Lily Savage in a final, rare and unique stage appearance. He was brilliant and really entertained the crowds. The actual show was great and very enjoyable. Obviously it was a traditional pantomime so it was full of rude jokes for the adults that the kids wouldn't understand as well as the usual song and dance, audience participation and of course ".....oh no it isn't.......oh yes it is!....." which happens in EVERY panto! Overall a great time and will hopefully make it a yearly event.

#52 - Find out who my doctor is

 In 2009 I went into my doctors surgery to sort out my jabs for my India trip and the following conversation took place:

Tim: "Hello. I'd like to see Dr Johnson please."

Receptionist: *blank stare*

Tim: "I'd like an appointment with Dr Wendy Johnson please?"

Receptionist: "Sorry Sir but Dr Johnson retired about 14 years ago."

Tim: "Ah....."

I ended up seeing the nurse who gave me my jabs but still to this day I didn't know who my doctor was. For some reason they also didn't have any of my medical records on their computer systems. To be honest, I don't even remember them having computers when I last went! Anyway, I've finally found out my doctor is called Dr Susan Joy Birch. Anyone with 'Joy' in their name makes them automatically seem like someone I can trust. If her name was Susan Beowulf Birch then obviously I'd probably wait another 14 years before going to the doctors.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

#64 - Write Christmas Cards to family and friends & #74 - Create a blog and write regularly = Completed

I suppose with Christmas Day being only a few days away, I felt it was probably time to complete task #64 - 'Write Christmas Cards to family and friends'.

Everybody probably does this anyway, well, everybody except me. I rarely write Christmas cards. If I am honest, I don't really like cards. I find Christmas cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards, any type of cards a total waste of money. I'm not sure about anyone else but when I get a card, I look at it once and pray to god that theres money inside of it and then never look at it again. 


I've decided to stop being a scrooge....well kinda. I'll hold my hands up and admit that I didn't even buy the cards, I was given a pack by my girlfriends dad because they bought too many, but I guess that also gave me no excuse not to send any out. I guess it would be a bit cheeky to send my girlfriends parents one of the cards from the pack they gave me? Hmmm....i'll try and pinch one from my mothers card set to give to them! :)

I guess it's also about time I ticked off  #74 - Create a blog and write regularly. I've been delaying this because I wanted to make sure that I didn't just spend a couple of months writing in a blog and then gradually forget about it. Infact it's been the total opposite. Since writing on this blog, I have also created another blog called 'Fat. Boy. Thin'  which is going great too. I guess that blog gets a lot more regular posts than this one because it's mainly about my experience in losing weight which is Task #107 on my list. If someone was to tell me earlier this year that I would write two blogs, which also had a lot of followers, then I would told them they were crazy.

I've got a few more tasks to sign off in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for them.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

Friday, 10 December 2010

I want sympathy because it's my birthday.

It's my birthday and I am stuck in bed because I probably have the plague. Okay, it isn't the plague but it's pretty close to it. I might even go outside and put a big red cross on my door to warn others not to come in. If I hear cries of  "Bring out yer dead" then I will throw myself onto the corpse's cart.

For the last month I have been surrounded by people who have the common cold, so it's sods law that I get it on the greatest day of the year. I'm not sure who gave it to me but they can certainly have it back! Maybe I should draw up a list of potential people and find out who the culprit is and then cough and sneeze in their face at every opportunity.

I am officially 28 years old today. I'm not sure whether I should act differently or not. I mean, is it acceptable for a 28 year old to laugh when he hears someone fart or if someone mentions the planet "Uranus"? Maybe a 28 year old needs to act older and become more like a grown up. I could start writing letters to the newspaper and complain about the "youths of today" and how "easy" they have it these days. To be fair, I probably do all of that now anyway so maybe it's best just to continue as I am. 

Anyway, I have just broken the world record for the amount of sneezes done in a minute so it's probably time I get up and have a nice cup of tea and open my cards and presents. Yippee!

I might be 28 but to my mum I will always be this little boy:

Just for the record. That is me and not some random kid my mum thinks is me. She's not crazy yet.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

#59 - Buy Fresh Sugar Lemon Body Lotion and #190 - Attend an England rugby game = Completed

Here is the proof:

#59 - Buy Fresh Sugar Lemon Body Lotion

This was so expensive....especially for a boy too. I don't even use body lotion which is the annoying thing but because it smells so damn good and it reminds me of an amazing time in New York City, I just had to put it on my list, which obviously meant I had to buy it. I better look like Brad Pitt after using this!

#190 - Attend an England rugby game

I bought a ticket for the England v Samoa Rugby Union friendly international. I was sat up with the gods, but what a view it was. The last time I went to the Twickenham Stadium to watch England was as a kid at school and if I am honest, I probably didn't appreciate it that much at the time so it was good to go back and watch a game and take it all in. The atmosphere was pretty good for a friendly match and more importantly 70,000 people cheered England on to a 26-13 victory against a tough stubborn Samoa side.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I am still alive!

Don't panic, don't panic! I am still alive!

I haven't posted in a while on this blog but I am still working my way through the list.

Here is a quick update on what I have been doing and what I am going to be doing over the next few weeks:

#107 - Lose Weight

For those who aren't following my other blog 'Fat.Boy.Thin.' I have been spending the last five weeks working my butt off and trying to lose weight. I have set a overall target of 5 stone (70 lbs) which is the equivalent of a healthy person walking around with a polar bear cub on its back. So far I have lost 12 lbs as well as trying to change my entire diet as well as exercising a lot more. I'm not going to lie, it's blummin' hard work so far but I won't give up until I reach my healthy target weight.

#190 - Attend an England rugby game

This weekend I have a ticket for the England verses Samoa international match at Twickenham Stadium, London. I have been to a rugby game before but I was quite young so I didn't really understand what was going on but I am looking forward to this match because not only is Twickenham a wonderful stadium to watch live sport, England also have a great chance of getting a victory against a side who shouldn't really expect anything but a defeat. Fingers crossed I will leave the game a very happy bunny!  

#59 - Buy Fresh Sugar Lemon Body Lotion - The stuff that smells amazing!

Ever since getting a freebie bottle in our hotel room whilst on holiday in New York City, I have fell in love with the smell of this stuff. My usual favourite smells are petrol, freshly cut grass and bacon but this stuff is on another level! Anyway, I found out that it's pretty much impossible to get any in the UK and ebay were flogging the stuff for silly money. The other day I decided to have another look for it and I found out that they've opened up a store in Marylebone, London. This is great because it means I can pop into the shop whilst I am attending the rugby game.

#89 - Make a photo album of my holidays

Currently being done. Waiting for some photo's to be sent to my house from an online photography website. Hopefully in the next few days I can tick this off. 

There's also a few others I am currently doing but it will take a long time to complete but I will provide updates on them when there's more to talk about.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

#108 - Get a full time permanent job

I haven't completed this task yet I am getting to the stage where I really should be looking to complete this task.

At the moment I am working at Ordnance Survey as a temp in the Photogrammetry department as a Photogrammetric Surveyor. This basically involves me being sat in front of a computer wearing 3D glasses whilst editing maps in 3D all day long. It's pretty interesting and sometimes enjoyable (as enjoyable as work can be!) but unfortunately due to the combination of the recession, government job cutbacks and moving to a new building, I have been put in a position where I will be jobless at Christmas. Originally my leaving date was on my birthday (Thanks!) but now they've moved it back a week so I am now leaving on my Dad's birthday (Thanks!).

So my search for a permanent job has begun and it's not going to be easy. I read in the local paper the other day that a cleaning job that usually gets roughly 2 or 3 applicants had over 80 applicants due to the amount of jobless people there are in the city. Unfortunately this seems to be across the United Kingdom. Thankfully I have a bit of money saved away just in case I am out of work for a long time so at the moment it isn't worrying me. In fact I am actually being quite choosy at the moment but I am sure that will change if the months fly by.

Today I received a text from a friend about a job at his company. I sent through my CV and was selected to get an interview. Unfortunately this was another temp position and on less money than I am now. I originally accepted the interview but I have just e-mailed saying that I would like to pull out so I can 100% focus on getting a permanent position, especially as I've still got a couple of months left at my current job. I know a lot of jobs aren't safe at the moment but at least permanent jobs tend to be a lot more secure than agency jobs.

I've worked at the company for 8 years, reaching the position of team leader in every department I have worked in (including being in charge of permanent members of staff), yet they can let me go for free. If I was a permanent member of staff and I was being made redundant then I would have had a very good payout. 

It sucks being a temp. 

Fingers crossed I will complete this task sooner rather than later.

Monday, 25 October 2010

#91 - Join a gym

After the fiasco at LA Fitness and the annoyance of the Fitness First sales man on the phone, I am pleased to announce that I am now a Fitness First member after by-passing the sales team directly and joining up online.

For the next 15 months I will be £369.50 ($581.41) lighter in the pocket. This works out about £24.63 ($38.75) per month which is better than the £35 ($55) the sales team were offering me. I view this as an investment towards my Arnold Schwarzenegger body.....saying that, even if I have as many muscles as he did on one arm i'll be very happy at the end of it.

I signed up for a day pass the other day which meant I could get a good look around the fitness club. I have been a member before but a lot of the inside is different now so it's like I am joining a brand new club. They are also bringing in a lot more gym equipment over the next few weeks so that is also a bonus.

I spent 30 minutes on the cross trainer which killed me but it was an enjoyable death because I felt good afterwards. My girlfriend always tells me that if I do any exercise with my feet during the day, I'll end up breakdancing in bed during the night as my feet end up kicking everywhere in my sleep. So I look forward to that tonight!

Another task complete which is great and also this will help towards #107 - Lose Weight. If anyone would like to follow my weight loss blog then you can find that here:

Friday, 22 October 2010

Gym rant - The Return

What is it with me and shouting at gym recruitment membership staff. I never shout at anyone but these people.

Actually I know why I shout at them. It's because the gym recruitment staff are a bunch of liars! It really does annoy me and it makes me get angry. They're there to help us but all they do is treat us like mugs and try and squeeze every last bit of money out of us.

I went on the Fitness First website to check the fees and found the ideal membership for me. It worked out at £30 ($47) month for 15 months with 3 months free if I paid in full upfront. Not cheap but finally I can get it sorted and kick on with joining a gym.

I put my details on the request a membership form to arrange an induction to discuss the membership I wanted and within minutes I received a phone call from the Fitness First head office. They explained how much it would cost and confirmed the online offer but they they said they would put me in touch with my local club membership staff to see if they had any local promotions.

So far, so good. Tim is calm.

When the local gym representative rang me back I was told of another "special" offer, which ended up costing more than the online offer. They told me that I should sign up over the phone because it meant I can get a lot of money off. I explained that the offer online was a lot better but he said that the offer was wrong and was probably a misprint. I know for a fact it isn't a misprint because it's advertised everywhere online.

I said I would rather just risk signing up online and if it turns out to be a misprint then I will just ask for my money back, like it says in the terms and conditions. He kept trying to be pushy, which gets me really angry, and kept suggesting that I want to do this or I want to do that and how signing up with him would save me lots of money. I told him that he doesn't know what I want to do and I don't want to join over the phone. I explained that I would either sign up online or I will come in face to face and explain what I have found and unless they offered me anything better than I would sign up with the cheapest deal, which happened to be on the Internet.

"You want to sign up because it's cheaper then?" he said. I snapped back "Why would anyone want to pay more when they can get it cheaper?". I think he was quite surprised by this. I told him that I would see him at 4pm on Monday. He said, can you make it 5pm because you won't be seeing me then. I told him I will be arriving at my pre-arranged time. He then asked if he can see me at 3.30pm. NO. I will see you at 4pm, the time your company arranged it. Goodbye!

After what happened last time at the other gym (click here to read that), I am not really looking forward to that!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Next Challenge

Probably my biggest challenge to date, not just doing my to do list, but in my entire life.

I aim to loose some weight!

Having survived my 'become a vegetarian for a month' task, I am hoping it will help a lot with this task due to the fact that I will have to change my diet from junk food to good food.

If you would like to follow my progress then feel free to check out my blog called 'Fat.Boy.Thin'.

I am not sure how long this task will take. I am assuming it won't be done overnight unless an alien sucks out my fat tonight. If any aliens are actually reading this, please do not suck out my fat tonight because I didn't sleep very well last night and I wouldn't mind a decent kip tonight especially as I have to be up at stupid o'clock to go to work.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

X Factor - Immigration

So let me get this right. Britain want to deport Gamu, a young talented singer, who has and would have continued to bring a lot of joy to the British public, back to Zimbabwe BUT we won't deport supporters of active terrorist groups who will cause mass chaos to the nation.

I want to live in GREAT Britain. Not RUBBISH Britain.

Friday, 1 October 2010

#46 - Be a vegetarian for a month = Completed

It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

There is nothing impossible to him who will try - Alexander the Great 

I like to think that Nelson and Alex had my vegetarian for a month challenge in their minds when talking to the masses about the impossible. In fact maybe if they knew about my challenge then they would have been quoted differently.

It always seems impossible until its done...well....unless you love meat and want to become a vegetarian.

There is nothing impossible to him who will long as it isn't becoming a vegetarian.

Well I am proud to say that I have done the impossible.

I, Timothy of Southampton, have spent the last month as a vegetarian and I am pleased to announce that I did not eat a corned beef sandwich after a few hours, like I did on my first attempt, but I have in fact avoided all meat, fish, dinosaurs and other stuff and I have spent the month replacing my meat dishes with vegetarian dishes like chocolate.

The positives
  • My body felt healthier. To prove it, I just weighed myself and I lost 2lbs.
  • I ate food that I would never have thought about trying and enjoyed them.
  • It showed that I have a lot of self-discipline and determination.

The negatives
  • I was limited to what I could eat and felt like I was missing out on some really amazing meat/fish dishes.
  • I never want to see a cheese sandwich ever again.
  • Reading the back of every packet to see if it had the magic V sign. 

I am pleased to have done the challenge. I really learnt a lot about the different kinds of foods out there as well as about vegetarianism. At times it was easy, other times it became frustrating and many times I came close to packing it in but the more I had those thoughts, the more determined it made me. Lots of people tried to help me achieve this, whether it was advice, recipes or even going out there way to buy food especially for me. It really meant a lot to me, no matter how big or small their contribution was.

I also want to thank you for reading my other blog which I wrote during my task.

My Veggie Task Blog

Will I go back to eating meat?

I hope this answers that question.

And yes....they tasted bloody amazing!

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Pretty annoyed

Everything today has annoyed me.

  1. I woke up a minute before my alarm went off. Every minute counts.
  2. When washing my hair, I found out that I had ran out of conditioner. I don't even know what conditioner does or why I buy it.
  3. My payslip was e-mailed to me. Despite asking for paid holiday last week, the manager failed to include it when he told me that he did. I am officially broke.
  4. My amazing looking sandwiches I made last night tasted disgusting. Straight in the bin!
  5. I went to the chip shop for my lunch. I asked for a small chips. I practically got no chips. Even somebody suffering with anorexia would have been pissed off.
  6. A girl on the bus talking to her couple of young kids couldn't complete a sentence without swearing. Her favourite words were fuck, fucking and fuckinnit. I didn't even know the last word existed.
  7. I logged onto facebook and a friend had the status "Can somebody let me know if it is 'here here' or 'hear hear' when a group of people agree with the speaker". I wrote 'hear hear'. I then recieved a notification from someone I don't know saying "know it izn. iz here here". I don't mind when I am wrong, I am quite happy to admit it but when I am correct and I am being told I am wrong by someone who clearly has a smaller brain than a worm...well it annoys me.
I should probably listen to this before I continue with the rest of my day!

    Friday, 24 September 2010

    #135 - Watch Flags of our Fathers (Movie) = Completed

    After being off work sick, I decided to make the most of it by watching a few dvds on my to do list.

    Having watched a Dutch war movie and a Japanese horror, unsurprisingly I felt the need to watch another war film which was set on a Japanese island of Iwo Jima.

    In 1945, the American's fought the Japanese on Iwo Jima island in a very violent battle. When the Americans reached the top of the mountain, six soldiers raised the American flag, the picture became a symbol in a post Great Depression America. The American government decided to bring the three surviving soldiers back to America to raise funds for the war, bringing hope to desolated people, and making the three men heroes of war.

    The film was very interesting and the special effects were fantastic. The film was one of two which was directed by Clint Eastwood which was about Iwo Jima. This film was seen from the view of the American side whereas 'Letters from Iwo Jima' is seen from the Japanese side. I am looking forward to this film which is also on my list.

    #136 - Watch Soldiers of Orange (Movie) = Completed

    Whilst going through my 'buy every war movie which has ever existed' phase of my life, I purchased the Dutch film called 'Soldaat van Oranje' (Soldiers of Orange). To be honest, I didn't even think the Dutch had made a film, which didn't contain the words 'hardcore' and 'porn', so I was pretty intrigued to see what this film would be like. 

    The film is based around a group of Dutch students who end up having different roles during the German occupation of the Netherlands during WWII. 

    I really enjoyed this film because I learnt a lot about what life was like for Dutch people during the war. In school we learnt a lot about Britain, France, Germany, USA and Russia's role in WWII and the only thing we learnt about the Netherlands was the story of Anne Frank. The message the film gave me was that the Dutch were quite naive at the start of the war. They thought they would all be neutral just like they were in WWI. When Germany invaded, a lot of people had to choose a certain path to determine their future. In the film there were those who joined The Dutch resistance, others joined the German Army and certain people collaborated with the Nazi parties to protect their families from being sent to labour camps and of course a lot of people were sent to be executed due to their religion.

    The film was very enjoyable and if you are into your history and war films then this is a must. The film brings out many emotions. At times I felt sad, extremely happy as well as laughing out loud but most of all it teaches you about life in the Netherlands during World War II, something too few films mention.

    #138 - Watch Japanese version of The Ring (Movie) = Completed

    The Ring is about a cursed videotape that, when viewed, will cause the person to die a week after. 

    I've seen the American verison of The Ring and I really enjoyed it. There were a few critics of the American remake due to the worldwide success of the Japanese version so I was keen to find out for myself what made the Japanese version so much better.

    I'm a huge fan of foreign films. Infact the majority of foreign films I have seen have been a lot better than the 'hollywood blockbusters' which tend to be extremely overhyped and disappointing so I was looking forward to watching the film.

    After watching the film, I could see why this film impressed a lot of people. It wasn't a jump out your seat horror, it was a creepy, atmospheric movie which really sucked you into it and played with your senses. It obviously didn't have the millions of dollars the remake had (Japanese film's budget was $1.2m compared to the US remake which cost $48m) so it had to play to it's strengths. The US remake was probably ideal for a night out at a cinema with your friends whereas the original was suited for home viewing on the small screen. Just like the film, it's you verses the TV, it's a personal experience which is what makes the film creepy.

    If you like creepy films, don't mind subtitles and want to die a week after watching the film. Go watch it!

    Wednesday, 22 September 2010

    "Oh, but this is much worse."

    I have the worlds most deadliest disease.


    According to the website I found the following symptoms:

    ManFlu can manifest itself in many ways, the list below will outline some of the more common symptoms but the list could go on for ever, think of it as a score card, the more of the symptoms you tot up below, the more severe his symptoms will be and will probably go on developing more from the list if you do not nip it in the bud and carry out some of our recomendations without question and with unconditional love, only that way will you be sure of a full recovery and that ManFlu will not lay dormant and come back at a later date only more severe !

    Watch for these signs that your man may be suffering
    • He cannot give you a concise breakdown of his symptoms and relies on 'it hurts everywhere'.
    • his is a competitive ailment, so if you point out you suffered from the same thing but struggled through and recovered he responds: "Oh, but this is much worse."
    • He retreats to bed or the sofa and appears nervous at the thought of moving, especially when the word 'work' is used or if the phrase "get it yourself" is used in anger.
    • He may be found watching daytime programmes such as Jeremy Kyle or his favourite football DVD.
    • Men suffering from man flu are often unable to carry out their normal chores. If challenged they may sigh heavily, look martyred and state: "I am ill you know".
    • The patient may also pore over an A-Z guide to health problems or trawl medical sites on the internet, with a resulting rise in the number and severity of symptoms.
    Now you've seen the symptoms read the hints and tips section to find out how you can help your loved one. Failure to treat MANFLU effectively COULD lead to 'acute' MANFLU, a rare disorder that renders your man totally inept, something he may never recover from, once a man has had 'acute' MANFLU he will be prone to regular bouts of MANFLU which current research suggests may occur on an annual basis. Therefore it is in your best interest to treat your man with love and a great deal of pampering.

    Good Luck, you're going to need it !!!

    Funnily enough, I am actually watching Jeremy Kyle and my girlfriend did suffer from the same thing. Infact she could have passed it onto me which means i've got....



    Saturday, 18 September 2010

    The home straight...

    Just a quick update on my 'become a veggie for a month' task.

    On Monday I will have completed 20 days of my challenge which means the finish line will be in sight but before that I have a couple of big obstacles in front of me this weekend.

    Today I will be going to the football to watch my home town team Southampton play Colchester and will be surrounded by over 20,000 football fans who have the reputation to be heavy beer drinking, meat eating wannabe hooligans, which means they probably enjoy skinning animals in their spare time and hate vegetarians more than they hate Maradona. I could be wrong though because before I became a vegetarian for a month I was also a meat eating football fan who didn't skin animals and I wasn't a wannabe hooligan but for now I will remain cautious and assume the worst. Oh and I doubt anyone would be more hated than Maradona (aka the football cheat) who punched the ball into the net against England in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico and then goes and scores the greatest goal in World Cup history in the same game.

    I will then be going to *spit* Portsmouth (rival city to Southampton) for my girlfriends birthday meal with her parents. I think we will be going to a restaurant called Chiquito's which is a Mexican restaurant so I am assuming there will be plenty of choice for veggies such as bean burgers, veggie fajitas etc. I hope I see some huge sombreros available to buy so I can cross of item #158 (Buy a giant Sombrero). I can't think of many other places to buy giant sombreros.

    Tomorrow I will be going out to another restaurant for my girlfriends actual birthday. We're thinking of going to Puccini's which is an Italian restaurant down the road from my house. I've never been in there before but it looks pretty classy, considering the area it's located in, and also if someone is celebrating their birthday then they can get a free meal.

    I'll try my best to take a few photo's of my food and upload them to my other blog which can be found at the following location:

    Also I'd like to say a big WELL DONE to my friend Kassie who completed her 'consume no meat for a month' task on her to do list and she has decided to carry on being a vegetarian so I wish her all the best with that. Check out her blog! -----> click me!

    Thursday, 16 September 2010

    Postcrossing update

    As an official postcrosser (why do I think of crossdresser when I write that) I am pleased to announce that I have received my first postcard today.

    The world currently has 195 countries and out of all the countries in the world, it came from Poland. I couldn't help but laugh.

    About a tenth of the population of my city is Polish. I have a lot of Polish friends. My road is full of Polish families. I live near Polish supermarkets, hairdressers...infact the district I live is known to English people as Shirlski instead of Shirley.

    Despite laughing, I was happy, infact over the moon. The postcard was sent by a Polish girl called Paulina who went to school in Bielsko-Biała. The picture is of the town hall square 93 years ago. I love the fact that the card is an old photograph and also the card represents a town which played an important part in someones life.

    I wrote back thanking her and also nudging her in the direction of my blog so if she reads this then Hello Paulina!

    Tuesday, 7 September 2010


    Just a quick post to say thanks to everyone who is following my blog.

    I really did not expect so many people to be interested in my to do list so I really do appreciate all the comments and feedback I get and it really does motivate me to keep going.

    I hope to complete quite a few more tasks by the end of this month including #46 - 'be a vegetarian for a month' which I am recording my progress on my other blog

    Thanks once again.

    Friday, 3 September 2010

    #150 - Take part in postcrossing = completed

    This has been fun. Ever since finding out what postcrossing is, I've been excited about doing it.

    Postcrossing is basically sending postcards to random people across the world. When they receive your postcard and enter the unique ID number on the postcrossing website, you are then next in line to receive a postcard from someone else around the world. The fact that it is completely random means you never know where the postcard will come from. So I might send a postcard to Russia but end up getting one back from Australia.

    As a Southamptonian, I feel it is my duty to promote the city of Southampton around the world. Apart from rich or old people going on their cruise to somewhere exotic, Southampton isn't exactly the number 1 tourist destination for travellers. It probably isn't even in their top 500 must visit places because to the majority of people, the best thing about Southampton is the M3 motorway towards London.

    I decided the best way for me to promote Southampton is to send people postcards of the area and hope they decide to research the city. I also pointed them in the direction of this blog so maybe they will read this post? (Hello if you are reading this post!).

    Here are a few facts about the history of Southampton:
    • The world famous Supermarine Spitfire fighter plane was designed and developed in Southampton
    •  The city is home to the longest surviving stretch of medieval walls in England - part of the walls dates from 1175
    • In 1912, the RMS Titanic sailed from Southampton. Four in five of the crew on board the vessel were Sotonians
    • The New Forest National Park (created as a royal forest by William the Conqueror in 1079) is bounded by the City of Southampton.  
    I bought the following postcards which I felt best represented where I am from:

    To be honest, I didn't really have a clue what to write on them. I can't even remember ever writing a postcard in my entire life and any that I did receive usually arrived after my friends/family returned from their holiday so it was pretty boring knowing what they were going to do tomorrow despite doing it 3 weeks previously and telling me a week ago.

    I guess the great thing about postcrossing is that it doesn't really matter what you write because no one really knows you and they will probably never hear from you again.

    After viewing the profile of the person receiving my postcard, I decided to write the following:

    For those who don't have microscopic vision it reads:

    Hello! My name is Tim. I live in Southampton, Hampshire. This is the first time I have taken part in postcrossing. I picked this out because your profile said you like cards with village scenes, wildlife etc. I hope you like it. By the way, I am also writing to let you know hat I am completing a to do list blog which has 196 items on it. This is #150. Check it out and say hi! :)

    I have sent 3 cards to 3 different people all over the world. My first postcard was sent to Pittsburgh, USA. The second postcard was sent to Zagreb, Croatia and my third postcard was sent to Suzhou, China. In total my postcards will have travelled over 16,500km.

    Now I just have to wait for someone to send me one back.

    I will post any further updates on here.

    Monday, 30 August 2010

    Meat free month....

    Task #46 - Be a vegetarian for a month

    For the whole of September, I shall be attempting this challenge.

    I have created another blog dedicated to this task where I will be recording updates pretty much on a daily basis.

    I first tried to go a week without meat but failed on day one after munching a corned beef sandwich. So now as punishment I will be attempting this over the whole month. I expect to struggle so I will probably end up moaning every day!

    Wish me luck!

    Friday, 27 August 2010

    Hairy mens knobs + being mugged = gym

    I was close to joining a gym today (#91) but ended up leaving with steam coming out of my ears, a face as red as a beetroot and with gritted teeth.

    The other day after stuffing my face silly with pies, chips and beans for lunch and then a pizza for tea, I decided that I should probably do some exercise to burn off the billions of calories I eat on a daily basis. As a former gym member, I know that the more you work out, the more you can eat and the less guilty you then feel. I knew what I had to do.

    I went on the Internet and researched some local gyms in my area. I found an offer on the excellent website which allowed me to try out LA Fitness for three days for free. After inserting my details, I received a call from LA Fitness asking me to come down and have a workout as well as a little chat about the shit "excellent promotion that's on offer".

    60 minutes after leaving my house, I am now home writing about my workout...or lack of one.

    I was greeted with a smile and a strong handshake by the sales consultant. After a brief chat trying finding out everything about me (even stalkers would have been impressed by how much depth they went into) I had a little tour of the pool area, a good look at the gym and the equipment used and also a quick look in the the men's locker room where I was greeted with two hairy men's knobs flapping around in front of me. Not a great sight! We then got down to business (not me and the hairy flappy knob men) and talked membership offers.

    He told me that their offer was the best I would find. Unfortunately for the poor guy, I am not a mug. I do a lot of researching before spending lots of money so I wrote a lot of quotes from other local gyms on a bit of paper.

    After going through the list, I was shown the shit "excellent promotion that's on offer". I'm not sure why they bothered with the shit "excellent promotion that's on offer" because it was quite frankly excellent shit.

    Paying £70 joining fee as well as paying well over £30 a month on a 24 month contract wasn't a promotion in my eyes. "I don't want to walk out of here thinking I've been mugged!" I reacted after being quoted the ridiculous amount especially after comparing it to the other offers I found.

    I laid my cards on the table and asked him whether he would pay more to come here or pay A LOT less to go elsewhere to do the same exercises on the same machines. This guy might not have any sense or brains but the company would be proud because he showed a lot of loyalty. Forgetting that I told him earlier that I used to be a member of their rivals, Fitness First, he told me some "facts" about them:

    • The staff aren't friendly
    • The machines aren't very good
    • You pay for parking
    • Everybody looks at each other
    I must admit, by the time he told me the last point, I came close to laughing out loud. Thankfully my fake cough was timed brilliantly for him to not suspect a thing. I know for a fact that the staff are very helpful, the machines are 90% the same and a lot more of them, the parking is free and nobody states at each other and you don't get greeted in changing rooms by hairy men showing their equipment.

    He left me alone for 5 minutes whilst he discussed another offer with his manager. He came back with a smug look on his face. He leaned in towards me and quietly said to me that he had a one time only offer just for me.

    "We cannot beat the Fitness First offer but we can drop the joining fee completely and for £2.50 more than Fitness First, we are able to throw in life coaching as well as free use of the swimming pool".

    At this point I was getting tired, bored and annoyed. I snapped back "so for £120 a year more, you are offering me use of the swimming pool and life coaching which are provided free anyway?".

    "glass half full" he replied without even looking at me.

    "What do you mean by that?" I said.

    "Well, think about it this way, you are only paying £2.50 a week. It really isn't a lot of money at all is it?. Don't be pessimistic about the offer" he told me whilst waving his arms in the air and seeking support from the other people in the room.

    "Well I still have to pay £120 more then don't I". I snapped back at him.

    I decided to leave as I would have got more sense talking to a dumbbell than a dumb bell end.

    Best not go back for day 2 of my 3 day free gym pass.

    Monday, 16 August 2010

    #131 - Join the organ donor list = Completed

    This is a great example of something a lot of people want to do but just haven't got around to signing up for it.

    I've always felt that it would be better if we had to opt out of being a donor instead of signing up, purely because a lot more people would benefit out of it. Unfortunately we do not have enough donors in the country to help everybody and a lot of people do not get the organs they desperately need to survive.

    In the last few minutes, since signing up as a donor, I am pleased to say that I haven't had any doctors on the phone asking if i'm dead yet and I haven't had any strangers asking how my liver is today. As a non-smoking, non-drinking, young male, who I might add are on the high priority list of donors, I probably should hire some bodyguards or at least Bret 'The Hitman' Hart, to look after me because if I suddenly get stopped and asked for directions and I notice them prodding my kidney's then I probably will end up becoming agoraphobic.

    I decided to talk to my mother about becoming a donor. She told me that my Aunt, who died when I was young, was also a donor and her kidney's were donated to two people. It felt good knowing that despite her death, she helped save two people's lives. My mother agreed that it was a good idea to become a donor. Although my mind was pretty much made up, it made me feel that it really was the right thing for me to do.

    I also wanted to talk to my girlfriend about it and as I was already excited at becoming a donor, I decided to tell her straight away. The following text conversation [abridged] took place:

    Tim: Do you think it's a good idea to become a doner?

    Holly: A doner is a kebab so no. If you mean donor then yes it's a lovely gesture...

    I probably should have texted her back saying "I meant kebab" just so I could be right, but I had to sign up because it would have been pretty awful if I died texting her back as a non-donor. Obviously the family would have told the doctors that I wanted to become a donor but all the evidence on my mobile would suggest that I liked doner kebabs.

    I logged onto the website and just one minute later I was a donor. All I had to do was fill in my name and address and what I would like to donate.

    If you would like to know more about becoming an organ donor then please take a look at this website. [Organ Donor Q&A Website]

    If you are based in the UK and would like to sign up then click on this website: [NHS - Organ Donation]

    If you are not from the UK and would like to become an organ donor then google will have all the answers (or get in touch with me and i'll try my best to help).

    Monday, 9 August 2010

    To Do List Progress and Action Plan - Part Two

    Action Plan - Monday 9th August - Sunday 15th August 

    #54 - Buy a plant for my room
    • Research three plants I would like to buy
    • Locate where I can buy it in Southampton
    • Buy at least one and complete the task
    #82 -Make something amazing doing origami 
    • Get some paper
    • Get an origami book
    • Learn the very basics before I make something 'amazing'  

    #135 - Watch Flags of our Fathers (Movie)

    • Watch it!


    #6 - Read 20 books
    Just started my second book called 'Rocky Stories - Tales of Love, Hope, and Happiness at America's Most Famous Steps' by Michael Vitez

    #25 - Watch Prison Break
    Watched One of Four

    #170 - Put away £5 for every challenge done
    Having completed six tasks, I have £30 in my Pig/cow money box. £950 to go!

    #76 - Create a blog and write regularly
    Still enjoying this!

    #167 - Catch a fish
    Need some more equipment.

    Review of Action Plan - Monday 2nd August - Sunday 8th August

    #8 - Give Placebo (band) another chance
    • Locate Placebo CD
    • Put CD on Ipod
    • Spend 3 hours minimum listening to their songs
      Task Completed - See here

       #6 - Read 20 books
    • Spend 20 minutes minimum reading each night
    • Get to page 160 by Wednesday night
    • Get to page 220 by Saturday night
    • Finish the book on Sunday.
      I finished reading the book by Wednesday, four days ahead of schedule! Hooray!

      #167 - Catch a fish
    • Find out where I can fish for free
    • Talk to friend about fishing
    • Email Dad about fishing rods
      I spoke to my Dad. The finishing rods are in his loft but will need to get a new line as the current line is about 15-18 years old so could end up breaking when I don't want it too! Also found out a few places where I can fish for free which isn't far from mine. They're beautiful places too which is a bonus! My friend is still up for it but he's not the most reliable person in the world when it comes to doing what he says.

    Thursday, 5 August 2010

    #51- Own Top Gun (Movie) = Completed

    A few people have said to me that some of their tasks on their to do lists were done on a spur of a moment.

    Today I had one of those moments and managed to come across the classic film Top Gun whilst I was meant to be buying a jumper.

    The film cost me just £2.00 ($3.17) which was a bargain considering it costs £4.00 on the Internet.

    I have a little funny story regarding Tom Cruise. When I moved from primary school to middle school (I was about 7 or 8 years old) an older boy befriended me. He said hello to me, gave me some sweets and was pretty nice to me. He asked my name and then I asked his. He told me his name was Tom Cruise. As a 7/8 year old, I didn't have a clue that he was taking the piss. I didn't even know who Tom Cruise was. Every day I'd say hello to Tom. Thinking about it, by the time he left the school when I was about 10 years old, he still laughed in my face everytime I called him Tom Cruise and I never knew why. I always just assumed he was a jolly nice chap who had some kind of laughing problem. 


    Bus journey's tend to be extremely frustrating, boring, expensive and uncomfortable. The bus is usually late, the fare goes up overnight, an old smelly man stinking of alcohol from the night before, with food stains on his scruffy shirt, usually gets on and tends to sit near enough to make you want to pray he gets off before you vomit everywhere. There is also usually a pack of old witches women who get on and sit at the front of the bus and tut at every person who makes a noise. That is a usual bus journey for me.

    One day, the usual bus journey became my favourite ever bus journey.

    People who know me will probably have heard about my hatred towards old Spanish ladies. For those that don't know, I was once on a family holiday to Menorca. As a young child at the time, I splashed around in the pool, stared at people who spoke in different languages and became friends with all the other children on holiday who had been abandoned in the children's group whilst their parents went and had a good time (parent's aren't allowed to have fun!). Anyway to cut a long story short, I became friends with a lad on holiday and we played with an inflatable ball in the pool having a great time with big smiles on our faces and having the best day ever. Unfortunately the ball bounced out towards some old Spanish ladies and we asked if they could pass the ball back. After a few seconds of gossiping, one lady stood up, picked up the ball, looked at us with a big smile, we looked back with an even bigger smile of gratitude and she walked over to us, walked past us, went to the balcony of the swimming area and threw the ball off the cliff hundreds of feet down into the sea. Since then, I realised as a child that old Spanish ladies were evil so when I get the opportunity to laugh at them, I make sure I don't pass up on the opportunity.

    It was a usual morning. I woke up convinced it was the weekend only to remember that it was a weekday and rudely work expected me to be there. I walked down the same road, to the same bus stop, for the same bus. An old lady was sat at the front, she was Spanish. I know this because I heard the words 'I am from Spain' after listening to her talk to a young mum. The young mum, although interested in what the lady had to say, had her eye on her son and daughter squabbling at the back of the bus.

    Suddenly the little boy let out a huge scream and ran to his mum. The Spanish lady looked at the little boy and asked why he was crying. The little boy, with a puffed out red face, tears flowing down his cheeks, looked at her and said "I was punched in the goolies". Her face was priceless. I left the bus with a huge grin on mine and I knew deep down that the little kid probably hated old Spanish ladies too.

    Tuesday, 3 August 2010

    #8 - Give Placebo (band) another chance = Completed

    Rule #1  Always remember to dust everywhere....including the case where the music CDs are kept.

    Rule #2 When you've neglected the CD for so long, do NOT get angry when it isn't where you think it is.

    Rule #3 If it isn't where it's meant to be, ask yourself what Sherlock Holmes would do if he lost his Placebo CD...then ask mum. 


    Rule #4 Never forget that mum's have special powers at remembering things they've never seen before and know absolutely everything.

    Rule #5 Remember to look under the bed.


    Rule #6 If the PC freezes whilst trying to play the CD, which was found with lots of scratches on it, don't hit the computer


    Rule #7 Do not say naughty words.

    Rule #8 Give it a bit of magic CD clearing spray and a bit of a buff and bish bash bosh...


    I gave Placebo a really good listen and I am pleased I did. There were a few songs I recognised from years ago and I really enjoyed them and will be keeping those songs on my Ipod. There were also a few shocking songs which I had to skip before my ears bled but I am happy to be able to cross this off my list.

    For those that don't know, I borrowed this CD from a guy I worked with a long time ago and just simply never listened to it. Out the blue he left my work for a new job and moved on with his life without the CD.

    Maybe his life ended up being a complete disaster because he doesn't have this CD. Maybe he decided to get married and promised his bride-to-be that he will play his favourite song from his Placebo CD only to find that he doesn't have it anymore and had to play Showaddywaddy instead.

    Well I know for a fact that this never happened because when I moved jobs earlier this year, I ended up moving to the same department as him. So I think the right thing is to simply return his Placebo CD to his desk with a note saying 'better late than never, thanks' so when he returns from his 3 weeks holiday leave to get married, he can have a nice surpri..........hold on...3 week holiday leave to get married.....ahhh  [see rule #7]

    Sunday, 1 August 2010

    To Do List Progress and Action Plan - Part One


    #6 - Read 20 books
     I am still reading my first book 'Awkward Situations for Men - Danny Wallace'. I haven't even picked this up since I last updated my progress which is strange because I really am enjoying this book.

    #25 - Watch Prison Break
    After having problems locating episodes of Prison Break, I have had two suggestions where I can carry on watching this. Thanks to those who help, I really do appreciate it!

    #170 - Put away £5 for every challenge done
    Having completed four tasks, I have a £20 note sitting in front of me. £960 to go!

    #76 - Create a blog and write regularly
    I am enjoying this. I will keep going.

    Action Plan - Monday 2nd August - Sunday 8th August

    #8 - Give Placebo (band) another chance
    "I honestly don't know whether I like them or not" is what I said to a guy at work a few years back. He gave me a CD with about 4 or 5 albums on and told me to have a listen. I put the CD in my computer drive to have a listen, I then took it out and put in my computer game and put the CD away in a safe place and now the place is so safe I don't even know where it is. I honestly cannot remember the names of any of their songs and when I try and remember their names I end up thinking of songs sung by different bands.
    • Locate Placebo CD
    • Put CD on Ipod
    • Spend 3 hours minimum listening to their songs

     #6 - Read 20 books
    I have read 105 out of 247 pages. To me that is a lot. To anyone else, that is nothing. I have a confession to make. I hate reading books. I could quite happily sit and read pages on the Internet for hours on end about conspiracies or weird and wonderful news but I could not sit down and read the same information in a book without giving up after 10 minutes. This will be tough for me but I am determined to finish book 1 by the end of this week.
    • Spend 20 minutes minimum reading each night
    • Get to page 160 by Wednesday night
    • Get to page 220 by Saturday night
    • Finish the book on Sunday. 

    #167 - Catch a fish
    I used to go fishing with my dad quite often as a kid. It was good fun walking through the fields trying to find a good spot to fish, learning about how to use a fishing rod, what bait to use but as a kid I probably didn't appreciate the quiet and patient side of fishing. Throwing maggots in the water, throwing maggots at my sister and just holding a handful of maggots was and probably still is pretty fun! My friend and I have discussed going fishing in the New Forest for quite a while. These days you can no longer just turn up at a lake and start fishing as you probably need some kind of permit.
    • Find out where I can fish for free
    • Talk to friend about fishing
    • Email Dad about fishing rods

      Change of direction...

      I am thinking that it's time for a new approach whilst trying to complete my list. I feel motivated to complete tasks but I feel I need to become more organised and maybe put some more planning into it. At the moment I am just doing whatever comes into my head first and I feel I might end up neglecting ones which don't happen to be in my thoughts.

      When I try and think of what I could do next, I keep getting idea after idea but with no visual picture of the expected outcome. For me to achieve my end goal, i've decided that it might be a good idea to write an action plan which will make me more organised. By doing this I am hoping I will be able to think more about what steps need to be done for me to complete my task.

      I plan to write this every Sunday so I go into a new week knowing exactly what I need to do as well as being able to record my progress for the previous week's work.

      We'll see how this goes. 

      Tuesday, 27 July 2010

      Let's all point at the fatty

      Bourbon biscuits shouldn't taste so good. All the blame goes on the makers for making them taste so bloody amazing, none should go towards me for eating the entire packet because I didn't want to do it. They made me.

      If Bourbon biscuits tasted of prawns, beetroot, crab, farts and other horrible things then I wouldn't have done it.


      Now....where did I put those custard creams....

      Sunday, 25 July 2010

      #140 - Paint my money box Pig = Completed

      Old MacDonald had a farm,


      And on his farm he had a pig which looked like a cow


      With an oink-oink here,

      And a moo-moo there,

      Here an oink, there a moo,

      Everywhere an oink-moo,

      Old MacDonald had a farm,

      With a pig which looked like a cow.

      Wednesday, 21 July 2010

      RIP Chip shop

      Today has been a sad day for me.

      I went to my local chip shop, The St James Chippy, my 2nd home for the last 25 years for a little chinwag with Terry, the owner, whilst getting my usual. I walked through the door and Terry was no where to be seen. His wife, no where to be seen. His daughters, neices and nephews no where to be seen. Stood in front of me was a grumpy old mare and a man, who probably chewed wasps for tea, asking me what I wanted. For 20-odd years I didn't even have to ask what I wanted, it was ready and waiting. It shocked me. For a moment I actually forgot what my usual was considering the amount of freebies that usually gets thrown in.

      I asked where Terry was, whilst secretly trying to look under the counter to see if they were all held hostage after being battered into submission. Terry, the man who watched me grow up as a little toddler to the man I am today, the man who served me my first bag of chips, the man who recommended mint sauce on my chips, the man who once told me that I shouldn't eat chips so often otherwise I'd get fat, had sold the shop.

      "We're the new owners" they replied.  :o

      [Editors note: If this was Eastenders, the end theme tune would have dramatically started now.]

      I bought the classic battered sausage and chips. This is the ultimate tester for an untried chip shop. I imagine profressional undercover chip shop tasters buy this meal as standard. The chips were fat, they weren't greasy or very salty or vinegary and they weren't lovely.

      I'm disappointed. I'm sad. I am now searching for a new chippy.

      Tuesday, 20 July 2010

      #137 - Watch Conspiracy (Movie) = Completed

      From Lapland to Libya, from Vladivostok to Belfast, no Jews. Not one. 

      - General Reinhard Heydrich


      Conspiracy was a dramatic recreation of the Wannsee Conference where the Nazi Final Solution phase of the Holocaust was devised. General Heydrich chaired a meeting of Adolf Hitler's top leaders from various Nazi bodies such as The SS to determine the most practical way of dealing with Jews.

      As we know, approximately 6 million European Jews died during The Holocaust, many perished in extermination camps which were built for the sole purpose of killing large numbers of Jews as quickly as possible.

      It was a very well acted film and it was interesting to see how various Nazi leaders reacted to the ideas of dealing with Jews. The dialogue was at times funny, smart, very interesting yet extremely chilling, especially as this was based on true events.

      I'm disappointed at myself for leaving it this long to watch the film. I've owned the DVD for nearly 5 years now and this is the first time I've decided to watch it.

      I don't like to leave a post on a sad note so I shall add a bit of humour to this post with a joke relevant to the film.

      A Nazi, a Paedophile and a Racist jump off a building at the same time .. who hits the ground first?

      Who cares!